“Uncover new knowledge for letting people and organizations go forward in the world“


The Kuroshio Current brings rich marine lives to Honshu, the main island of Japan, via Philippine islands, Taiwan and Okinawa, and again spreads to the Pacific Ocean with flora and fauna born in the water near Honshu
Similarly, in a global organization, we hope individuals will come up with good ideas by moving among the overseas branches, and produce valuable products and services for the world markets
Our vision is to keep uncovering new knowledge for this current


Managing Director

Masayuki Shinagawa
・From 2008 to 2015 at Mercer China, Masayuki engaged in consulting on HR and organization management to branches of Japanese MNCs in Greater China (Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong)
・Since transferred to Tokyo office in 2015, he led consulting for corporate HQs of Japanese MNCs to strengthen the global HR management and governance, in addition to above mentioned services
・His past projects also include ones of Thailand, Philippines and Korea
・Masayuki establishes Kuroshio HR Consulting, Ltd. in 2019
・He graduated from International Christian University (B.A. in Liberal Arts), and obtained M.A. in Social Sciences from University of Chicago and MBA from CEIBS

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