Consulting approach of Kuroshio HR (English summary of ‘ネガティブな出発点から始まる、くろしお経営のアプローチ’)

Our consulting approach starts with the question;

Can companies fulfill their members’ wants in the worst business situation?


We believe the answer is Yes, if

the companies can convert fulfillment of individuals’ wants into the power of organizational growth.


This is the ultimate goal of our approach as well.


It sounds simple, but very ambiguous and abstract.

So, let us explain a little bit more.


Individuals, Work and an Organization

What do individuals want from work?



Every individual purses the mix of the 3 elements, although the mix is different by individuals or by life stages even in the same individual.


Then, what does an organization want from their members?



We define an organization as vision and a collection of work (business) to achieve the vision.

In this definition, an organization needs from individuals not only capability but also ideas and commitment to the vision.


Thus, ‘Converting fulfillment of individuals’ wants into the power of  organizational growth’


maximizing “meaning”, “growth“, and “sense of security” of the organization members, and converting them into “ideas”, “capability” and “commitment” for realizing the organizational vision.





But this goal is difficult to achieve.

We are going to explain why.


Obstacle 1)  An individual has to work with coworkers

Everyone wants to fulfill “meaning,” “growth,” and “sense of security” in his/her work, but it does not go well, everyone bothers each other;



Obstacle 2Gaps between an organization’s plan and the reality

Even a well-prepared plan sometimes does not work due to the continuous changes of the business environment.


If an organization lacks flexibility to the changes, the organization cannot covert its members’ “meaning,” “growth,” and “sense of security” into the power of the organizational growth.


The inflexibility comes from;



Directions of HR & organization management

The directions of HR & organization management are most likely flipping the obstacles;









Areas detecting solutions

Then, we have to turn the directions into the effective solutions.

We do not have a magic bullet, but we at least know how to find the solutions.


Each direction usually links closely to a particular area(s) of HR & organization management.

These are the areas to detect the solutions;




There are a couple of complementary directions.

The complementary directions also link closely to a particular areas(s) of HR & organization management, areas D), E), & F);







The remaining area, Area G) is Corporate Brand & Leadership.


They can be strong solutions for all the obstacles if

  • Maintain a strong corporate brand
  • Always develop or obtain strong leaders


But they are very difficult to achieve, and maybe the results of achieving other directions.


Our framework and approach

Now, we know all the directions and the relating HR & organization management areas.




This is our framework.

Using the framework, we will identify HR & organization management issues of each organization and design customized effective solutions.


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